joys of owning a submissive male with a sky-rocketing sex drive

by MissH213

One thing I love about my Christie is that her libido is easy to spark and her mind is easy to fuck.

Although we’d talked about Sunday being the start of C’s long-term male chastity, as I sent him a few tasks and emails, I could tell he wasn’t really into it. I knew it was just ordinary “not quite in the mood” type stuff, but still, it made me pause. The old submissive side of me (another post for another time) wanted to not force him into doing anything he wasn’t 100% interested in. But this is the new me and this is the new Us, and so I pushed forward. Also, I know my bf better than I know my sissy slut at this point, but I figured both of them would get motivated quickly enough.

Side note. I’ve read a few (vanilla) sex advice columnists lately who say that the way to get in the mood if your sex life has stalled is to just start out by going through the motions and, because of the simple nature of how the hormones work, your mood will catch up with what your body is doing. I don’t have the articles bookmarked, but I’ll look for them and post the links. The point is that I knew if C went through the motions (which I had no doubt he would dutifully and loyally do), he would be back to her old Sissy Christie self in no time.

So I sent a few tasks (put on the cage, wear the sissy pink pjs to bed, send pics, sign up for Twitter, update his “Denied Orgasm” clock) and granted him permission to masturbate (but not cum, natch) in the morning. He started a new job recently and, in the ongoing flip-flop between gf and Mistress, I don’t want our having fun become a distraction before he’s had time to settle into the job. He was compliant and respectful, but as I love and know him well, and I could feel that we were getting a slow start to subspace. That was ok, I’d be patient.

You should know something about me, though. I’m not a patient person. My grandmother used to say, “Lord, give me patience, but do it quick” and that pretty much sums me up. So while I’m trying to be calm and authoritative and sparsely send emails and texts (he and I typically communicate all day long, using several different forms of technology), I’m actually sitting in my house making lists of task ideas and forcing myself not to give him a list of 1,000 demands to complete all at once.

I can be a bit compulsive.

Other than to acknowledge her text thanking me for allowing her to masturbate my cock this morning, I left C alone all day, so he could focus on work. I called him on my drive home from work (hands-free on the cell!) just to hear about his day. After 30 minutes of ordinary talk, he finally burst, no longer able to keep his secret. Turns out, my dear, not-quite-in-the-mood-but-compliant sissy had spent all day looking for emails or text messages that never came. She was anxious to hear from me, to receive a new task, to have any communication that reconfirmed our Mistress/sub relationship.

I love that about C!!! I love knowing that she’s thinking of me all day and wondering what I have in store. I love that I get under her skin. I love her.

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