if you ever question the appeal of male chastity and an flr

by MissH213

Some texts from a series of messages between my love and I today:

from C (with a picture of my caged cock): Another day of aching celibacy.
me: *chastity
C: Correct.

me: What are your thoughts/expectations for Sunday night? [Sunday is the next time we’ll get to have some fun.]
C: I haven’t really thought about it other than to be anxiously awaiting whatever you decide you want to do. Your pleasure and joy are my primary focus.
me: Really? You haven’t thought about whether I’d unlock you. Or touch you. Or let you touch yourself. Or discipline you…

C: To some degree, but when your cock is in a tight cage, erections hurt so I try not to think about things that will excite me. ;)
     What I want to happen, what I think I deserve to have happen, and what may happen aren’t always the same thing, such is the life of a submissive. That is why I’m happy to accept anything you decide.
     If you want to hurt me, my body is yours to abuse in any manner. If you want to be pleased sexually my tongue, fingers, and cock sheath will worship you for hours. Orifice [my fav typo ever] you simply want to be left alone…
     Then being bound and forgotten is my position for the night. I’ll happily struggle against my bounds as you enjoy a book with a nice glass of wine as your favorite tv show plays in the background.

me: Oooh! That last text is such an excellent idea! We’re doing that. And when I’m done reading, I’ll start your discipline session.
         I’m of the opinion that you, as a sub, require discipline, regardless of any specific infraction.
C: Yes, Mistress, you are very wise. Otherwise I might get lazy.
     Chains are already on the bed and I can lay everything else out for you.

C: You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.
me: You make me feel all warm and fuzzy.
C: That’s good because I love you with every ounce of my being.

To be fair, C was always an expressive boyfriend and lover, and I’ve never doubted how he feels about me. But chastity intensifies every loving and sexual feeling. Chastity and FLR beautifully combine those feelings into something romantic in the traditional, literary, and unique-to-Us senses.

It isn’t particularly femdomme for me to say this, but he makes me swoon.  :)

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